Renovating Your Family Room: Design with the End in Mind


After the kitchen, the most popular room in the home is the family room.  The family room is a multi-functional room that is often used as a media room, game’s room, reading and relaxing.

Our design specialists receive numerous inquiries asking how to achieve optimal results when redesigning a family room space, while keeping a budget in tow.  Being proficient in home integrated solutions, their response is a reflection of their success; Design with the end in mind as poor planning leads to over spending and wasted space.

The top five things to consider when designing a family room

  • Décor and Built-in Options  -  The last thing you want is unforeseen clutter when your goal is to create a relaxing family room environment.  By selecting built-in options for bookcases, a fireplace, lighting and speakers you will create a sleek, yet inviting, family room décor.   Furthermore, planning the placement of your television, seating, and other furniture will assist you in deciding whether to have all of your audio/visual components exposed or stored in another room with remote access.
  • Renovating-Family-RoomWiring – Most family rooms have at least one network jack, one telephone jack, several electrical jacks, a wall mounted television and sometimes, wall mounted speakers.   Purchasing your surround sound system ahead of time and forecasting the placement of the wiring in your design can save a lot of hassles at the end.
  • Window Treatments – Natural light can take the fun out of an afternoon of family movies.  Window treatments are a necessity for every family room.  From shades to curtains, the selection of window treatments is endless. In 2013, home automation is at the forefront for many homeowners, automated window treatments provides the capability to open or close your window treatments from your universal remote control unit.
  • Lighting – Your lighting has to be as multi-functional as your room.  While watching movies in a blackened room provides a cinematic experience, it can also cause eye strain and headaches.  It is our considered opinion that installing dimmer switches or automated lighting controls in your family room is just as important as the quality of your television or stereo system.
  • Comfortable Seating – Your family room will be utilized a lot so your furniture should be comfortable and durable.  Seating should be planned out for a family of four and two guests.  Make sure your couch is accommodating for television viewing and the occasional nap.  Having an Ottoman is great for movie night, reading, or simply relaxing after a hard day.  If you’re like my family, hosting a sleepover can wreak havoc when there is no space to accommodate everyone.  Local department stores offer many types of movable chairs like bean bag chairs and foldable chairs.

With the daily stressors of life, every family deserves a room that is accommodating and affordably attainable for family movie nights, gaming, or simply enjoying one another’s company.  A great design will reflect your family’s lifestyle if you begin with the end in mind.