Trends in home theatre systems

A true home theatre experience is mimicking the power of watching a great movie on the big screen. The latest trends are utilizing the power of screens, comfort, and online resources to create the optimal viewing experience.


Go Big Screen or Go Home

We always recommend going big with your screen. Whether you've created a media room or home theatre, make sure that the screen is away from the glare of windows or cover them with darkening blinds or curtains.

Big and Crystal Clear Sound

Enjoy the sound effects of any movie by having a full surround sound system. A current trend, like in-wall speakers, enables you to have a home theatre or media room without the clutter of large audio equipment surrounding the room. We find that the Bowers & Wilkens In-Wall Speakers is a popular option and so are Definitive Technology, Sonance & Sonos. There are plenty of choices but stick to quality and you won't be disappointed.

Be Comfy in your Home Theatre

Sitting back and reclining with a bag of popcorn and a drink has never been more accessible than it is today. With theatre seating that offers reclining options, mood lighting, a cup holder, a place to dock and charge your iPad, there is never a reason to leave your chair! We love the leather and leather-like fabric options that Palliser offers!

Get Connected!

Take advantage of streaming services and other online content that the Internet offices. Share what you are watching real time on social media! With that said, cable and Blu-ray are still popular trends.

Have Fun with Your Home Theatre Space!

There nothing like an old popcorn machine or a small fridge to complete your space and to keep snacks nearby so you don't miss a minute of the movie. Nostalgia offers a wide array of products to add a like funkiness into your room.

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