4 Ways a Smart Home Simply Makes Your Life Easier

For generations, we have all tried to maneuver through life the "Smart" way. Trying to find the easiest path to enjoy the fruits of life. Fast forward to 2016, we find that technology has made our lives even sweeter by making our homes smarter too!

Today's blog focuses on the top ways to make your life smarter without breaking the bank. Yes, saving money while having the best in technology is a good thing.


The "Smart Home" Way to Unlock and Lock Entry Doors

Toss those keys anywhere and never look for them again! From August Smart Lock to Crestron full-scale automation, you can lock and unlock your door from any location from your smartphone. A variety of options are available at any price point.

Automate Your Lighting at home or away

Automated lighting can save you money and secure your home by automatically reacting to your daily routines and preferences. You can set your lights to slowly brighten when you want to wake up (sorry, alarm clock...), turn on when you're away to make it look like someone is home, turn off automatically when you leave the house.

Again, this form of automation is available at a variety of price points.
I have tested many options and have found that firmware upgrades with the lower priced options have left me in the dark a time or two.

Save Big Bucks on Energy Bills

Saving money on energy bills the "smart home" way is what I recommend first to all my consumers. With the wide variety of options available, you can control your home's temperature and monitor monthly usage directly from your smartphone.

Stay Connected With Your Family

If you're like my family, having our children check-in to avoid parental worry can be a chore. With smart home options, you can receive a notification when they arrive home, when cars arrive in the driveway, and have video monitoring to ensure that when you're away, the kid's don't play (too hard).

Of course, there are plenty of other Smart Home options available, like controlled music throughout the home, outdoor automation, and a plethora of security options. It has been my experience that when people start researching smart home options, family, savings, and security are always top on the list.

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