Home Theatre Seating & Planning Made Easy

When a consumer contacts us, their idea of designing a home theatre is far from reality.   

Home Theatre seating is one of the components that a consumer has thought a great deal about.  From the luxurious seating options, to iPad and cup holders, what they don’t realize is that home theatre seating can thwart a clear walking area and overall design of the theatre. 

Proper placement is the key!


This is why Palliser has created an interactive room planner so consumers can test drive any Palliser home theatre seating options in their anticipated room space.  This planner also has collision detection with the room boundaries created.

To get started go to http://palliser.com and peruse the website for home theatre seating options.   To activate the planner, click on the planner tool on the right hand side of the screen beneath the product information.


This will prompt you to get started on using the room planner. 

The room planner prompts you to choose between basic or an l-shaped room or to select the tutorial for a brief overview on how it works.  Once you’re up and running, the screen should look like this.

When designing a home theatre, the size of room, the placement of seating, and the recommended distance away from a projection screen, can leave many a customer pleasantly surprised with the amount of seating that their room can handle. 

Of course, it’s always best to speak to a home theatre professional designer to guide you through the process to ensure that you are content with your home theatre for a lifetime.


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